FRC Midwest Regionals

This year the FIRST Robotics Competition took place during the weekend of 3/24 – 3/26. Along with Illinois, Kansas, Michigan, Wisconsin, Texas, and other states came to play ‘Logomotion.’ Due to some mechanical difficulties, team 3061 didn’t advance to the final eight alliances. Regardless, Steve the robot was able to keep it together long enough to complete all of the preliminary rounds. But the drive team, including coding and mechanical team members Bob, AJ, Zach, and Tim managed to place inner tubes on the rack in three rounds and later proved to be an effective defensive team as well. Team 3061 is currently working towards redesigning and rebuilding pieces of the robot to get Steve in functioning state once again.

At regionals, the Federation had a struggle. We had to deal with so many technical issues from bumpers to boom that it was difficult to really excel. True, we were no Wildstang, but got at least four innertubes on the wall on Saturday. We also had a spectacular round where the score was 0 to 0. Our ranking would have been higher had we not gotten in trouble for deploying our minibot illegally, but the whole competition was a good learning experience.