Week 4 Update

By: Justin S Some good progress has been made since our last update in Huskie Robotics! As of now, Bag & Tag is in 14 days, and the team is working at lightning speed to finish the robot while also making sure that it is professionally functional. Each sub-team has their work cut out for them!

Week 3 Update

By: Tiffany M Since our first day of build season, Huskie Robotics has had amazing developments in our preparation for Bag and Tag, most notably the ability to drive our robot at the end of Week 2!  Since then all of our sub teams have been hard at work.

Build day 1

The robotics season for 2015 began with the intense kick-off that sent the students into a flurry of creativity and ideas. After the brainstorming at kick-off the brooding thoughts on what to build and how to achieve this years goal were setting in, we came back together today (Monday January 5) to have our first […]