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Kickoff 2016

Hear ye, hear ye! On Saturday January 9th, members of Huskie Robotics gathered at Naperville North to watch the unveiling of the FIRST kickoff! As the clock struck 9:30, all eyes were laid on the screen, watching intently so as to not miss anything. After minutes of watching Dean Kamen and Woodie Flowers give important insights about FIRST, we were finally revealed the 2016 FIRST challenge: FIRST Stronghold. The game is played by two alliances of three teams each. Alliances compete against each other to breach their opponents’ defenses, known as outer works, and capture their tower. You can read more about it here, or in the Team History.

To organize strategies, goals and important aspects of the game, we broke up into small discussion groups. Each group presented their most important strategy or insight on the game. After collaborating and looking at other groups’ strategies, we were able to compile a list of strategies to focus on during the course of the build season. Most groups had suggested breaching the outer works was the way to go. Others had opinions on defensive and offensive tactics.

I speak on behalf of everyone on the team when I say I’m super excited to see what’s in store for us this year. FIRST Stronghold is definitely a step up from last year’s challenge. Complex elements and various methods of scoring will add to the difficulty of the game. Regardless, the team is ready to take on the challenge.


Week 6 Update

February 14, 2015

With many of our more experienced team members off to a scrimmage in Oswego, our team has been doing its best to keep the fire going.  For example, our mechanical team member Theo Gabriel describes how we have been pushed to work on the fly, saying that there has been “ a lot of re-drilling holes, de-riveting, re-riveting, and although it ultimately took a long time, we will hopefully be able to reach our goals”.  Our electrical team lead left a task list for his team to do and they were very successful in completing it, such as, finishing all wires for ultrasonic sensors.  They are now waiting on Mechanical and Fabrication to finish their parts so that they can attach connectors onto the motors.

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Week 5 Update

With only 10 days until the end of build season, our team has kicked into its highest gear. We were behind schedule,  with just a few shafts to get done our mechanical team is nearly 99% of the way done assembling the elevator, arms, and claw of our robot and are starting to get back on track.  In the words of mechanical team lead Andrew Toennies “We have encountered a few problems but most of them were solved with some creative ingenuity and some hard work … and an automotive jack or two.”

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