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Summer Camp Day 3

Theme: Wacky Wednesday

Today we focused on prototyping, aspects of strong designs, and continued working on solutions for the mission(s).

Mechanical: The novice engineers began the day with a short problem solving warm up, where they were given a new mission and brainstormed possible ways to solve it. Then they transitioned to a lesson about prototyping and how to strengthen their designs by using proper bracing techniques. Mentors also warned the recruits about the dangers of variation and visual parallax.

Programming: Our rookie programmers learned how you use EV3 for computations allowing them to improve their line follower to be more precise with smoother movements.

Teamwork: To improve their silent communication skills we tasked our camper’s with a “Jedi Mind Trick” challenge.

Summer Camp Day 2

Theme: Favorite Scientists

Today we focused on learning the basics of programming.

Programming: The young engineers became rookie programmers as they explored the basics of Lego’s EV3. With this language they worked on connecting their robots and making it perform simple tasks, such as moving forward, all the way to more complex tasks like following a line.

Teamwork: To start off the day, partners shared their favorite scientist(s) with each other as a way to learn more about each other’s personal interests. Later we tasked our fledgling programmers to apply their new skills sets in a different setting by navigating or “programming” each other through an obstacle course.

Summer Camp Day 1

Theme: School Pride

Today we focused on forming partnerships and learning the Basics of FLL, design and mechanics.

Teamwork: The engineers-in-training were first sorted into partnerships, based on similar experience levels. Later we had them learn more about each other by working together and designing a button symbol to represent themselves as a team.

FLL: Trainees were introduced to both the basics of FIRST and the FIRST Lego League competition, then the two former FLL challenges (Body Forward and Climate Connections) and missions they will be pursuing for the remainder of the camp.

Mechanical: The trainees also had lessons on how to effectively brainstorm using the design process along with key mechanical components.

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