Grayhill Inc. Outreach

On Tuesday, December 1st, members of Huskie Robotics had the wonderful opportunity to go to Grayhill Inc. At Grayhill, the Huskies showed off Annie and explained what FIRST was all about to the interested Grayhill employees. We presented our Chairman’s video to give Grayhill a sense about what Huskie Robotics and FIRST was all about. […]

Kickoff 2016

Hear ye, hear ye! On Saturday January 9th, members of Huskie Robotics gathered at Naperville North to watch the unveiling of the FIRST kickoff! As the clock struck 9:30, all eyes were laid on the screen, watching intently so as to not miss anything. After minutes of watching Dean Kamen and Woodie Flowers give important […]

Chain-In-Tube Design

Over winter break I was playing around with a chain-in-tube drivetrain design. It is based on the SimpleTube chassis system created by 221 Robotics Systems. The design uses 221’s custom ANSI-25 17 tooth sprockets made specially for their SimpleTube chassis to route the drive chain through the inside of the tube rather than having it […]