Week 6 Update

February 14, 2015 With many of our more experienced team members off to a scrimmage in Oswego, our team has been doing its best to keep the fire going.  For example, our mechanical team member Theo Gabriel describes how we have been pushed to work on the fly, saying that there has been “ a […]

FLL Open House

On February 11th, Huskie Robotics hosted an Open House for FLL teams. Starting off in room 115, we showed the students a brief video explaining what we do on FIRST Robotics. We then transitioned into our first subgroup: the media team where we showed our articles and awards. You would be able to tell by […]

Week 5 Update

With only 10 days until the end of build season, our team has kicked into its highest gear. We were behind schedule,  with just a few shafts to get done our mechanical team is nearly 99% of the way done assembling the elevator, arms, and claw of our robot and are starting to get back […]