Week #3 Update

All of our CAD-ers deserve a shout out for this week. Michael, Moses, Arpan, Andrew, and Adam were CADing up a storm this week. We now have a better virtual model of our robot than ever before! And she looks tiny in comparison to the big tower we’re going to make her climb up. But with our […]

Week #2 Update

This last week has been pensive. After our first week, we had decided on a general strategy and potential designs for the robot. This week consisted mainly of evolving prototypes and narrowing our design. All of the team leads in the mechanical discipline have been CADing and testing furiously. The launcher ideas seem to have […]

FLL Mentors

Because the season simply isn’t long enough, several members of Team 3061 had the pleasure of being mentors for a FIRST LEGO League, or FLL, team during the off-season. For the months leading up to the FRC season, students Andrew, Michael, Sean, Brian, Arpan, and Cari would devote several hours every Saturday getting students aged […]